Beware Of Your Own Voice In Your Head

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What are you telling yourself?

This one goes along with a post I did a few weeks back about being careful which people you choose to listen to (find it HERE). But this one’s about possibly your worst critic: your own self.

Anne Lamott, in her fabulous book Bird by Bird, calls that voice in your head the radio-station KFKD. You know the one. Your own voice saying: this stinks, it isn’t good enough, no one’s going to like it, I should quit & go get a real job . . . and on and on.

Here’s the truth: You listen to that voice & you really will be in a heap of trouble. You’ll deflate faster than a stuck balloon, you’ll stop writing (or doing anything toward whatever your dream is), you’ll slink off defeated. And the book you were writing (or whatever you’re pursuing), the one that might’ve been wildly successful, might’ve won awards, might’ve been a critical darling, will sit in a drawer gathering dust.

Don’t do that to yourself.

Yes, I’ve heard that voice, too. More often than I care to admit. It usually shows up on the days when the writing’s tough & not flowing & I’m sitting in front of my computer watching a blinking cursor. What I’ve learned is that if you nip it in the bud early on (say, the first time it roars up) then it won’t run rampant, won’t feed off itself until that’s about the only thing you hear in your head.


Tell it to shut-up. Yes, you might feel like an idiot saying it out loud, but then again there’s power in words. Tell it that it’s wrong & to shut-up. Don’t argue with yourself. Just tell it to knock it off, mean it, & move on.

Another thing that helps:

  • Make a list of 10 good things about your writing (or whatever it is you’re pursuing). And if you can’t think of 10 good things, make it 5, or even just 1. Something good to combat the bad. For example:
  1. My writing is grammatically correct.
  2. I can use the word flagrant correctly in a sentence.
  3. I love my characters.
  4. I am pursuing my dream.
  5. I am happiest when I’m writing.
  • Post this list somewhere you can see it so when that voice starts up about your inadequacies, you have a visual reminder that no, you are not all that bad at all.
  • Add to your positive list daily.

Or how about this:

  • Go for a walk.
  • Or hum a tune.
  • Or light a candle.
  • Or take a deep breath.
  • Then take another.
  • Whatever it takes to calm down.
  • You can’t make good decisions with all that noise crashing around in your skull, so just calm down.
  • Calm. Down.
  • Then start working.

These are things that work for me. How do you combat your own negative voice in your head?

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