Need An Attitude Adjustment? Try Gratitude.

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“Remember, what you focus on increases.” ~ Andy Andrews

The other day I caught myself feeling really down.

Spiraling through my head on an unending loop was a list of things I wanted but didn’t have in my life. The more I added to the list, the more frustrated I got & the more my mood tanked. Anyway, while I was in the middle of griping, a cartoon thought bubble appeared over my head: So what’s good about today? That’s when I grabbed a scrap of paper and scratched out the following:

  • Sitting in a comfy lawn chair on my covered patio.
  • 78 degrees.
  • Sunny with a blue sky and a few clouds tacked here and there.
  • Husband called just to say hello.
  • Kids happy playing with the neighbors.
  • Ham sandwich and Lays potato chips and a pickle for lunch.
  • Big piece of chocolate for dessert.
  • Just finished my day job.
  • Time to write.
  • Time to read.

There are ten things right there (a list I made without even trying too hard) that I should’ve been grateful for and didn’t really notice because all that negativity from what I didn’t have seemed to feed on itself and made it hard to see the good stuff.

Within five minutes, I had changed my attitude and vastly improved my day. Anyway, I’ve made a new practice. Every morning, before I do anything else, I write down a quick list of 10 things I’m grateful for. Just like an author sets the tone for a story with the beginning paragraph, I’ve decided to set the tone for my entire day from now on. I’ve decided to focus on the positive stuff.

Good news is that you can do the same, too.

What are you grateful for today? Please feel free to share your thoughts & experiences in the comment box below.

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