Need An Attitude Adjustment? Try Gratitude.

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“Remember, what you focus on increases.” ~ Andy Andrews

The other day I caught myself feeling really down.

Spiraling through my head on an unending loop was a list of things I wanted but didn’t have in my life. The more I added to the list, the more frustrated I got & the more my mood tanked. Anyway, while I was in the middle of griping, a cartoon thought bubble appeared over my head: So what’s good about today? That’s when I grabbed a scrap of paper and scratched out the following:

  • Sitting in a comfy lawn chair on my covered patio.
  • 78 degrees.
  • Sunny with a blue sky and a few clouds tacked here and there.
  • Husband called just to say hello.
  • Kids happy playing with the neighbors.
  • Ham sandwich and Lays potato chips and a pickle for lunch.
  • Big piece of chocolate for dessert.
  • Just finished my day job.
  • Time to write.
  • Time to read.

There are ten things right there (a list I made without even trying too hard) that I should’ve been grateful for and didn’t really notice because all that negativity from what I didn’t have seemed to feed on itself and made it hard to see the good stuff.

Within five minutes, I had changed my attitude and vastly improved my day. Anyway, I’ve made a new practice. Every morning, before I do anything else, I write down a quick list of 10 things I’m grateful for. Just like an author sets the tone for a story with the beginning paragraph, I’ve decided to set the tone for my entire day from now on. I’ve decided to focus on the positive stuff.

Good news is that you can do the same, too.

What are you grateful for today? Please feel free to share your thoughts & experiences in the comment box below.

22 Responses to "Need An Attitude Adjustment? Try Gratitude."
  1. Good morning Shelli!
    You always have a way to change my perspective :-)And I thank you.
    I only have one to add to your list and that’s The family and friends that are supportive of all my endeavors.
    Have a great day and enjoy!

    • Hi Karen! *waves* Awww, thanks for the fab compliment. Thanks for the list addition, too, that’s a great one. Hope you have a great day, too. Cheers, darlin. 🙂

  2. Veronica Hall says:

    Hello Shelli,

    I have to thank you for getting me out of my ‘funk’ today. I have thought of 10 things to be grateful for and it worked. They were seemingly little things but important all the same. I know I keep popping up with useless comments but I just want you to know that your blog is one of my ten items on my gratitude list today. Again, thanks!

    • Hi Veronica! *waves* You are welcome; I’m so glad it helped. And you just made my day by putting my blog on your list. Made me smile. 🙂 I love this: “They were seemingly little things but important all the same.” You know, I thought the same thing when I made my list. None of it was huge, but all of it was important. Cheers, darlin.

  3. You’re always an inspiration, Shelli. 😉 Here’s my list for this morning off the top of my head:

    * Waking up to a cool morning with a light rain and being able to walk outside to breathe in the fresh air.

    * All of the wonderful friends I have made around the world through social media.

    * Having a roof over my head and a comfortable bed to sleep in.

    * My dogs who always manage to cheer me up no matter how upset I may be.



    • Hi Rob! *waves* I always love seeing you on my blog! My kids were playing Q-Bert the other day & you popped into my head (from the old video game stuff, lousy graphics that we thought were awesome way back when~ lol). Thanks so much for your list. Those are some great things, too. Cheers right back at you, my friend. 🙂

      • Ha ha! That reminds me to be grateful for the simple games I have available to pass the time and relax. Q-Bert was a great game! I need to hunt down a copy of that one for my 30+ year-old Intellivision system.

        • They actually still sell it in the PlayStation Store if you have a PS3. I bought it because I LOVED Q-Bert as a kid. My kids think it’s totally lame. I actually have to agree with them compared to the graphics they have now. But yes, I’m still grateful for games nonetheless.

  4. Sandy Coelho says:

    Hi Shelli,

    What an inspirational blog post – I’m placing this one on my fridge! Something I am very grateful for are the friends I have met through social media. The feeling of being connected to like-minded individuals has been an unexpected blessing and it has enriched my life beyond measure. Have a fabulous week! xo

    • Hi Sandy! *waves* Oh, that’s so awesome, I’ll be up on your fridge. Makes me smile. 🙂 I have to agree social media has been a real blessing in many ways. Hope you have a great week, too. Cheers, darlin.

  5. Denise DeSio says:

    You’re a sweetie.

  6. tomdharris says:

    Every time I visit your blog just manages to put things into perspective for me, Shelli. Although I’m becoming more and more convinced that you have far reaching mystical powers…hmmm, but I shall lay that little conspiracy theory aside for now 🙂
    This one is easy for me today as my 12 year old cousin texted me from the poolside in Egypt to tell me that my book should be made into a movie. What a dude! That just reiterates Karen’s point above about the support of family and friends. If you have a family like I do, you should be bloody thankful for it and I hope I tell them that enough. I’m going to watch my sister run the London Marathon on Saturday, even though she can hardly move after she just finished the Brighton marathon on Sunday. It’s never entered her head that she can’t do the run and I find that inspirational. Of course, I’d like to echo the sentiments above that we’re all very grateful to have you in our lives, Shelli, a regular dose of positivity, puts all the other stuff in its rightful place. Whenever I leave this blog, I always feel like I’ve just emptied my recycle bin so to speak. Thanks for restoring the clarity that goes missing from time to time:) I hope that when you have your own moments of self doubt as all us writes do that you click on your blog and look at the impact you are having on people’s lives. You should be really proud of that Shelli.

    • Hi Tom! *waves* Mystical powers? That’d be awesome. 😀 I agree that a supportive family is THE most amazing thing any artist can have. Tell your sister good luck & I’m rooting for her; I run, too, although not that far of a distance at one time. Thank so much for the fabulous compliments; made my day, truly. Yes, sometimes I have self-doubt and I’ve met some amazing people through social media who help me through it. You’re one of those people so thank you for that. Cheers to you!

  7. Deeone Higgs says:

    Good day Shelli,

    I loved this post, and the opening quote… OMG, that’s truly a awesome message. I’ve been really tuning in to my thoughts of late, making sure that I’m not creating something that I don’t want to come into fruition in my life. It’s certainly not the easiest thing to do, but with a little effort it’s possible to control our attitude; and yes, gratitude does works wonders!

    Today I am grateful for where I am in life, as well as where I’m headed. I’m grateful for the rainy day we’re having here in Atlanta, and how lush everything is beginning to look outside. I’m grateful that my garden of lilies, knockout roses, miniature roses, and red hot pokers, are all showing that they made it through the harshness of winter. I’m grateful for my third cup of Joe that is keeping me full of energy to tackle the rest of my day. Most of all, I’m grateful that I can be grateful. I recognize that it’s a gift that not everyone is able to appreciate. So thank you, my friend, for sharing your gift of gratitude with each of us. Cheers! 🙂

    • Hi Deeone! *waves* I love that quote, too. I tacked it up in my writing room (it seems I’m wallpapering with my favorite quotes scratched onto notebook paper!) so I can see it every day as a reminder. I LOVE this: “really tuning in to my thoughts of late, making sure that I’m not creating something that I don’t want to come into fruition in my life.” It’s so easy to let the negative take hold, sadly. You’re so right about manifesting what you think about; thanks for the reminder about that, too. I love your list, too, especially coffee as I adore coffee. 🙂

  8. Paul Denni says:

    Hey Shelli, I’m thankful for a day job I enjoy, and the prospect of building side businesses that will hopefully become full time income. I feel like it’s a win-win, ya know? Thanks for the post on perspective, it’s always helpful to meditate on the positive. 🙂

    • Hi Paul! *waves* I’m in the same situation with the day job I enjoy (a win-win like you said) & I’m incredibly grateful for that. I’m with you, too, that I’d rather meditate on the positive. Cheers!

  9. E.B.Pike says:

    Thanks for the positive inspiration, Shelli. I need to remember this whenever I start poo-pooing things in my life. There’s always a short (or long) list of things to be grateful for in any given day. 🙂

    • Hi E.B. You are welcome. I’ve noticed that, sadly, it’s easier to gripe. I completely agree with you: “There’s always a short (or long) list of things to be grateful for.” Cheers!

  10. Great post, Shelli! Very positive message. 🙂

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