One Wild Life ~ Hug My Boys Every Day

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Well, here’s one thing I love about my life list: mixing easy-to-do stuff with stuff that may take a little longer. This one, hugging my boys, is easy. I mean, really, look how cute they are.

They’re a lot older now than the pictures above and are just as adorable. And they still let me hug them every day, although now it comes with rules (no kisses, not in front of their friends, not in public).


I do miss them itty-bitty when they wanted to be held all the time. But I’m glad they grew up to be good kids. I’m also glad that I’m really fast so they can’t outrun me when I go to get my daily hug ~ lol.

Here’s some science!

The skin is the largest sensory organ in the body. According to the Touch Research Institute, positive touch is essential to human development, not just as babies but ongoing throughout our lives. Positive touch can strengthen relationships, ease depression/anxiety, and decrease stress among a slew of other good things.

Most of us, according to the research, are touch starved. So hug your kids/friends/spouse whenever you get a chance. You’ll be helping them and doing something nice for yourself too.

So do you hug somebody every day? Please feel free to share your thoughts & experiences in the comment box below.

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