One Wild Life ~ Choose Faith, Not Fear

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  • Fear is thinking what I’m doing doesn’t matter, faith is me believing it matters and doing it.
  • Fear is believing no one cares, faith is believing that at least one person does.
  • Fear is believing that I don’t make a difference, faith is believing that at least one person is getting something from my writing.
  • Fear is not publishing my new book because what if it isn’t good enough & people don’t like it, faith is publishing it anyway.
  • Fear is believing there won’t be enough for me, faith is believing in abundance & enough for everybody including me.


  • Fear is not trying new things because what if people don’t like them, faith is doing new things because I like them.
  • Fear is not following the purpose of my life, faith is writing every day.
  • Fear is rejection, faith is putting myself out in the world.
  • Fear is the snarky question: Just who do you think you are?, faith is the quiet answer: a writer & an artist.
  • Fear is backing down and staying in the shadows, faith is rising up and shining my light.


  • Fear is thinking it’s a stupid idea, faith is believing it’s worth trying.
  • Fear is failing & allowing that voice: I told you so, faith is picking myself back up and trying again.
  • Fear is believing in failure, faith is believing in lessons learned.
  • Fear is not saying what I need to say, faith is speaking the truth.
  • Fear is being given a gift/talent & not using it, faith is operating in my gifts/talents every day.


  • Fear is worrying about what everyone else is doing, faith is being concerned only with what I’m doing.
  • Fear is writing for other people, faith is writing for myself.
  • Fear is believing it’s too late, faith is believing my time is coming.
  • Fear is trying to rush & push things through, faith is trusting the process.
  • Fear is knowing the right next thing to do & not doing it, faith is knowing the right next thing to do & doing it.


  • Fear says don’t share something so personal because people will think badly of you, faith says be authentic because someone somewhere probably needs to hear it.

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