One Wild Life ~ Get A Jeep

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My Jeep!

A guy friend of mine, who’d just started a family, once told me that he felt like he got neutered when he got rid of his Mustang, trading it in for a minivan. Like most times when I don’t get it, I smiled and nodded and probably said something like, Bummer. I was driving my old Jeep at the time, didn’t have kids, and so couldn’t relate.

Fast forward four years to one icy morning when I hit a patch of ice, fish-tailed, smacked into a snowbank sideways, and flipped my much-loved Jeep. (Some advice from me to you: always wear your seatbelt!) Anyway, I trashed it. At that point, I had little kids (though, thankfully, not in the car at the time). I thought: Okay, minivan . . . practical. Well, I bought one and finally understood what my guy friend had meant by neutered.

Anyway, that was seven years ago. For seven years, I’ve been wanting my Jeep back. When I was just starting my One Wild Life list, I put a new Jeep on it. A couple weeks later, my minivan broke down (again!) and I ended up at a dealership to fix it. I wandered around the used car lot while I was waiting, and there she was, my new (used) Jeep.

So . . . I’m back where I belong, behind the wheel of a 4WD (nicknamed Charlie) and happy to be feeling like my old self again.

Have you made your Life List yet?

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