One Wild Life ~ Learn Photoshop

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You know how some people love chocolate/beer/money? They can’t ever get enough? Well, that’s how I feel about learning new things. (nerds of the world unite!) Problem is that I also hate sitting in a classroom. Then I discovered online learning:

Well, I’ve always wanted to learn Photoshop so I put it on my Life List. I could do basic stuff (cropping, resizing, minor color correction) but mostly I left the menus alone because they intimidated me. So I went online looking to learn & stumbled across the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). For $99, I get a whole year to learn the program at my own pace from people who are not only experts but also fab teachers. (And if you wait until the Friday after Thanksgiving to join, it’s usually a lot cheaper than that for a year).

Baby steps really will get you anywhere you need to go. It’s taken a commitment of 20 minutes a day and a few months, but now I’m pretty intermediate and working toward advanced. And the good news is that I’ve still got a bunch of time left on my membership so now I can learn how to actually be a digital artist and combine photographs together, add text and textures and light and brush-work (among many other things) to create something completely new.

I’m not an expert yet but, rock on, I’m on my way.

Have you started your Life List yet?

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