One Wild Life ~ Belly Laugh At Least Once A Day

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“Our most effective weapon is laughter.” ~Mark Twain

According to many medical centers (including the Mayo Clinic & the University of Maryland, their research quoted here), laughter is great for your health. Here are 7 reasons that you should do whatever you need to do to belly laugh at least once every day:

Belly Laughter:

  • Decreases the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine.
  • Balances (lower/raise depending on your body) blood pressure & improves blood circulation.
  • Relaxes muscles which in turn helps your whole body & mind to relax.
  • Helps open up airways and increases oxygen intake (because you take deeper breaths when you’re belly laughing).
  • Acts as a natural pain reliever by releasing endorphins (hormones that increase our feeling of well-being & help with pain management).
  • Improves immune system function by increasing the level of antibodies within you that fight bacteria & infection.
  • Connects you with other people because it’s a universal language that puts people at ease & that everyone understands.

So do you belly laugh at least once a day? If not, start today!

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