One Wild Life ~ I’m Doing A Great Work

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Believe in myself

  • I will feel the fear & move forward anyway.
  • I will hold my ground.
  • I will not back down.
  • I believe I can achieve my dream.
  • I am: Strong. Bold. Fearless.

Keep my eyes on the prize

  • I know what my goal is.
  • I know the steps I need to take to get there.
  • I lift my eyes up.
  • I keep them trained on the end result.
  • I keep moving.

And remember: I am doing a great work & I cannot come down

  • What matters is what I think, believe, & know about myself.
  • What matters is the goal that’s in my heart.
  • What matters is doing the tasks before me to the best of my ability.
  • What matters is staying the course.
  • What matters is knowing I’m doing a great work & I will not stop until it’s finished.

If you’re following the dream in your heart, then you’re doing a great work, too. Believe in yourself. Have a singular focus & keep your eyes on that prize. Stay the course & don’t come down.

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