Reader Challenge ~ I Dare You To Be Grateful

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You know it’s easy to be grateful & happy when things are going good. Really, anyone & everyone can do that. It’s a lot harder when it seems like everything is falling apart around you. Or maybe not even that drastic, maybe it’s just one little thing that manages to frustrate you, irritate you, or just put you in a lousy mood.

Well, that’s what this dare is about. It’s about finding beauty and joy in the everyday moments, no matter what else is going on in your life. This dare made me slow down & pay attention. It made me feel happier. And made me realize how much I already have. And how many of the things I love the most are absolutely free. And of course, it made me feel grateful, too.

In her book, One Thousand Gifts (where I got the idea for this challenge), Ann Voskamp argues that giving thanks always precedes the miracle. I believe that’s true.  After doing this dare, I can tell you that being grateful for what you have will bring miraculous things into your life. (For me, words of encouragement right when I needed them most, new friends, a ridiculous amount of free/cheap stuff dropped into my lap, just to mention a few). And really, who wouldn’t want a few miracles of their own?

So I challenge you to be grateful and write a list of 1000 things (or if that’s too daunting, make it 100 then just keep going) that you love and are grateful for. They can be ordinary mundane things like a hot cup of coffee on a cold day. They can be amazing things like standing in the silence of the oldest oak tree (400 years and still growing) in South Carolina. They can be astounding miraculous things like watching a baby being born. If you want some ideas, you can see my list by clicking on the THINGS I LOVE image below. (Just so you know, this list took months to make, a few additions to it every day.)



I challenge you to be grateful & find joy in your life. I hope you’ll take me up on it.

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