One Wild Life: Checking Stuff Off My List

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You want a bigger life? Here’s my advice: make a Life List, which is a list full of things you want to do/have/be while you’re still around. Here’s why: 1. it’ll give you focus, 2. once you put your wishes onto paper, many (if not all) those wishes will come to pass without a whole lot of […]

Reader Challenge ~ I Dare You To Be Grateful

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You know it’s easy to be grateful & happy when things are going good. Really, anyone & everyone can do that. It’s a lot harder when it seems like everything is falling apart around you. Or maybe not even that drastic, maybe it’s just one little thing that manages to frustrate you, irritate you, or […]

One Wild Life ~ Get A Pet

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Well, getting a pet when your family is allergy-challenged can be an ordeal. But we finally managed to find something that could live inside and wouldn’t make anyone cough, sneeze, get a rash, and the like. Meet Stella, a Robo Hamster that is just about the cutest thing ever. 5 reasons that you should get a […]

One Wild Life ~ Ride Horses Regularly

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  So I’ve loved horses since I was a kid. I rode as often as I could when I was younger and owned a Quarter Horse for a little while before we moved to the city. When I started my Life List, I realized how much I missed it. This past May, after about a […]

One Wild Life ~ The Haunted Graveyard

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  On our visit to Charleston, South Carolina, we visited the graveyard at St. Philips Church, considered one of the oldest graveyards in the country with gravestones dating back to 1695. Some trivia: a graveyard is located with a church on the grounds; a cemetery has no church on the grounds. So this story is […]

One Wild Life ~ Hot Yoga

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  I love yoga. I love sweating during a workout. So I just took my first hot yoga class. Yoga + 90-degree room = amazing. 5 reasons you should start a yoga practice: Yoga releases endorphins (hormones in your body) that improve your mood, make you feel better, and help you relax. Stretching makes you […]

How To Listen To Your Still Small Voice

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  Sometimes I look at past decisions I’ve made and I just want to shake my younger self and shout, “Listen! Listen! For Pete’s sake, Listen!” because what I used to do all the time (& still catch myself doing on occasion) is charge ahead (think bull in a china shop) when I should have […]

One Wild Life ~ Go Rock Climbing

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“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” ~Sir Edmund Hillary (first person to ever reach the summit of Mount Everest) So this weekend I found myself for the first time in my life on a rock wall, remembering how it felt to climb. I grew up a tomboy (well, I suppose it never […]

One Wild Life ~ The Haunted Jail

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So I’m a ghost/haunted/paranormal junkie, having grown up on Stephen King books, & am on a mission to visit as many haunted places as I can. While vacationing in Charleston, SC (go there, it’s fabulous), I found out much to my delight that it’s considered one of the most haunted cities in America. First Stop: […]

One Wild Life ~ 21 Random Acts Of Kindness

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  Okay, well maybe not so random (because I knew everybody involved), but another lovely blogger, Dawn Mena, gave a challenge to her readers to handwrite notes to people because it’s so much more meaningful & personal to the recipient. The challenge was to do 5. So I started, did my 5, & had such […]