Reader Challenge: Write Your Creed

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  “We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are.” —Anaïs Nin   You will live out what you believe I’ve said it before on this blog (in fact, the very last blog post) and I’m saying it again because I promise you that it’s true: you will live out […]

Make The Whole Beautiful

Why You Need To Make The Whole Beautiful

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  She could never go back Once upon a time, there was a girl who fell in love. She thought he was the one, even though sometimes a little voice inside her told her that there was something not quite right about him. She said yes when he asked her to marry him, not knowing […]

Encourage Yourself Challenge ~ Ends Here

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  Well, the Encouragement Challenge has officially ended on the blog, but you keep going! I’ve really had a blast doing this challenge. I hope you did, too. I hope you encouraged yourself, believed in yourself, empowered yourself, and spurred yourself on to reach for the life you most want. You are worth having it. […]

Encourage Yourself Challenge ~ Day 21

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  Challenge task: Look at how far you’ve come. Make a list of all you’ve achieved (big or small). Enjoy & celebrate your successes the whole day. Reminders: Be gentle with what you say & think about yourself today (remember to use your pillar-word mantra). Write down & say out loud something positive (that you admire or appreciate) about yourself today. Spend some […]

Encourage Yourself Challenge ~ Day 20

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  Challenge task: Let go of the outcome. Don’t worry about how it’s all going to turn out. You just do your work today. You keep working toward the life you want. Let go of the expectations. Let go of the need to control. Let go of the box you may have put yourself in […]

Encourage Yourself Challenge ~ Day 19

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  Challenge task: Speak strength to yourself today. Write YES I CAN! on something. Anything. A Post-It or a notecard or the back of your hand. Somewhere you will see it. Read it. Carry it with you. Read it again. Let it sink in. Believe it. Tack it to a mirror & look yourself in […]

Encourage Yourself Challenge ~ Day 18

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  Challenge task: Take care of yourself today. Slow down. Calm down. Take a few deep breaths. Get some extra rest. Eat better. Drink plenty of water. Get some exercise. Get some fresh air. Make an appointment with the doctor/nutritionist/therapist/healthcare-professional if you’ve been putting it off. You’re worth the time to take care of your […]