My Favorite Writing Advice ~ Make A Writer’s Contract

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Favorite writing advice: “Make a Writer’s Contract.” (you can read the whole article here) Who said it: Aimee Bender, novelist & creative writing professor Why: A Writer’s Contract basically outlines what you will do with your writing on a daily/weekly basis (like write so many hours a day, just weekdays/weekends, fiction only, in the mornings/afternoons/evenings, […]

It’s My Second Blogoversary!

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  Wow. Two years. Ridiculous how fast time goes by. Truly, I’m shocked writing this because it doesn’t feel like that much time at all. This is just a quick note to let you know that the vast majority (99.9%) of you are: amazing gifted & crazy talented supportive nurturing & encouraging stellar human beings […]

One Wild Life ~ Choose Faith, Not Fear

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  Choose Fear is thinking what I’m doing doesn’t matter, faith is me believing it matters and doing it. Fear is believing no one cares, faith is believing that at least one person does. Fear is believing that I don’t make a difference, faith is believing that at least one person is getting something from […]

My Favorite Writing Advice ~ Write 15 Minutes Every Day

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Favorite writing advice: “Write without editing in your journal for 15 minutes every day. It will change your life.” Who said it: Katherine Black, poet & creative writing professor Why: Writing steam of consciousness ~ whatever comes to mind, zero editing or judgment ~ lets you open up your mind. It lessens fear of the blank […]

The Next Big Thing

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I was asked by the lovely D.H. Nevins (author of Wormwood) to take part in this Work in Progress (WIP) Blog Hop, which started on the She Writes website a while back and is still going strong. If you’re an author and I tagged you for this blog hop, your instructions are at the end […]

My Favorite Writing Advice ~ Write Like A Mother****er

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Favorite writing advice: “Write like a mother****er.” Who said it: Dear Sugar (Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild) at  Why: Well, this past summer I got burned out and stopped writing because my thinking also got into a funk. I thought: who cares, what difference does it make, it’s never going to be good enough, […]

My Favorite Writing Advice ~ Trust The Story

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Favorite writing advice: “Trust the story.” Who said it: Patricia Ann McNair, creative writing professor Why: The story knows what it wants to be. You just need to get out of the way ~ with your thoughts on what it should be or what you want it to be, trying to make it sound a certain […]

My Favorite Writing Advice ~ Slow Down & See It

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Favorite writing advice: “Slow down & SEE it.” Who said it: Ann Hemenway, fiction writing professor (& University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop grad so she knows her stuff) Why: Sometimes going fast is the best thing to do the first time through so you can get it all down on the page. Moving fast, writing […]