One Wild Life ~ Learn How To Use My Digital Camera

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Learn My Digital Camera

When my dad passed away a couple of years ago, he left me his professional-grade digital camera and a bunch of lenses. I’ve used it a lot since then but on automatic mode with the lens that was affixed to it at the time I received it. Mostly, I did that because the whole outfit completely intimidated me: f-stops, ISO, focal length, shutter speed, lots of menus full of choices.

Ack. Tilt. I thought my brain was going to explode. So I set it on auto and used that one lens and settled for whatever the camera gave me even if it wasn’t really the shot I envisioned. Quite frankly, I was afraid of the camera and really didn’t understand how to get the picture I wanted.

Anyway, enter my One Wild Life list. I wrote it down ~ learn the camera ~ and went on my merry way. Well, about a month later, I met a lovely lady who also happens to be a professional photographer. I asked her how she learned to take pictures. And she introduced me to creativeLIVE (free! online learning). It just so happened that roughly 2 weeks from the day I discovered them, they were going to be having a FREE photography course: Fundamentals of Digital Photography.

So I watched, I learned, I took a ridiculous amount of notes. Then I went out and finally to the nerve to go through all the menus and settings on my camera. I’ve been playing and having a blast with it ever since. Plus, I’m sharing something with my dad and get to remember him every time I go out shooting.

Anyway, the course was excellent (John Greengo is an amazing teacher) & I ended up buying it so I can refer to it whenever I need to. If you want to learn digital photography, if you’re intimidated by your camera, if you think all that stuff is over your head, I really can’t recommend that course enough.

Now I’m busy capturing moments in time.

Have you started your Life List yet?

5 Responses to "One Wild Life ~ Learn How To Use My Digital Camera"
  1. Hi Shelli,
    I can sense your excitement in this post.
    Welcome to the magical world of photography. By learning to use those settings and menus you open an whole new world of expression.
    Can’t wait to see results in the future!
    Enjoy 😀

    • Hi Rich!

      I am honestly thrilled to finally know HOW to get the shot I want. Sometimes I still can’t get it but I’m learning & I’m having a blast. 🙂 Always lovely to hear from you. Have a great weekend, my friend.

  2. Jeri says:

    My husband and I acquired a really nice Canon over a year ago, and I’ve still to really go beyond more than the automatic settings. I know taking a class is the only way I will ever master its use!

    • Hi Jeri! *waves*

      I can’t tell you how much that class helped me understand how the camera works and how to get the shot I wanted. I just couldn’t figure it out on my own. That class really is worth the money, IMO. Have fun shooting. 🙂

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