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You know how some people love chocolate/beer/money? They can’t ever get enough? Well, that’s how I feel about learning new things. (nerds of the world unite!) Problem is that I also hate sitting in a classroom. Then I discovered online learning:

Well, I’ve always wanted to learn Photoshop so I put it on my Life List. I could do basic stuff (cropping, resizing, minor color correction) but mostly I left the menus alone because they intimidated me. So I went online looking to learn & stumbled across the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). For $99, I get a whole year to learn the program at my own pace from people who are not only experts but also fab teachers. (And if you wait until the Friday after Thanksgiving to join, it’s usually a lot cheaper than that for a year).

Baby steps really will get you anywhere you need to go. It’s taken a commitment of 20 minutes a day and a few months, but now I’m pretty intermediate and working toward advanced. And the good news is that I’ve still got a bunch of time left on my membership so now I can learn how to actually be a digital artist and combine photographs together, add text and textures and light and brush-work (among many other things) to create something completely new.

I’m not an expert yet but, rock on, I’m on my way.

Have you started your Life List yet?

40 Responses to "One Wild Life ~ Learn Photoshop"
  1. Rachel says:

    Hi, I haven’t actually sat down and made a life list, but it would include a lot of travelling and a lot of food! Preferably combined. I’m impressed that you stuck to a 20 minutes a day resolution!

    • Hi Rachel!

      Oh, oh, oh, make a life list. It’ll change your life, did mine. Especially lots of traveling & food. 🙂 I’m a big fan of: you can do anything if you break it down into tiny steps. Cheers!

  2. Angie Schaffer-von Scheffelheim says:

    Hmm. Now that I have approached the slow season at work, I think I need to explore Photoshop and other things that I normally don’t have time for. It’d be nice to know how to do things other than putting my head onto other people’s bodies in photographs. ;p

    • Hi Angie!

      That made me laugh. I haven’t actually tried that yet, putting my head elsewhere. I have changed my hair color though, just to see if I’d like it before I actually went & did it in real life. 🙂

  3. Hi Shelli. Great post. I’ve started my Life List but it needs updating. Thanks for the reminder. I’m crossing off one thing on my list as I celebrate a big birthday on Monday!

    • Hi Nicki! Thanks for the fab compliment. I’ve so glad you have a list & are crossing things off it. Makes me happy to hear that. Happy Birthday to you!! 🙂

  4. Amy says:

    This is a very happy post. I agree, that babysteps will help you accomplish anything! Well done at the photoshop-learning, and thanks for the tips about where to find out more about things like that.

    • Hi Amy!

      It really is amazing to me how less-scary things are when you break them down into tiny little do-able steps. I can’t say enough good things about any of those resources; all of them will help you learn something new for not a lot of money.

  5. Thank you Shelli. Love your posts. Shared them on Facebook as well.

  6. Sarah B. says:

    I love the term “Life List” so much better than “Bucket List.” I’ll have to start working on mine today 🙂

  7. Paris Franz says:

    This post struck a chord. I get cranky if I’m not learning something new. As for Photoshop, I’m learning that by an ongoing process of trial and error!

    • Hi Paris! *waves*

      I get cranky too for the same reason. 🙂 You know, I was trying to learn by myself but kept getting frustrated. The classes have really made my ability with the program grow by leaps & bounds.

  8. Rebecca Rowley says:

    Great are inspiring which I love! As a Taurus and a self-proclaimed set in my ways kinda gal I feel inspired to go try something new 🙂

    • Hi Rebecca!

      Aww, thanks for the fab compliment. Made me smile this afternoon. 🙂 Well, I do hope you go try something new & have fun doing it. Cheers, darlin.

  9. Hi Shelli,
    Your posts on photography address my favorite hobby. Now you’ve shared instructional information that is cheap and free. How could anyone top that?
    Thanks again for another great post! 😀
    Have a great weekend, Shelli!

    • Hi Rich! *waves wildly*

      Now that I actually understand what I’m doing, photography is becoming a favorite hobby of mine. That and playing with fonts! You really can’t beat cheap & free. Thanks always for making me smile. Hope you have a great weekend, too. Cheers, my friend.

  10. Ooh, color me NERDY. Still, I haven’t ventured into Photoshop. I’m almost afraid to do so, as I’d never find time to WRITE again. 😉

    Happy A-Z! Visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge FB group.

    • Hi Linda Ann!

      That made me laugh, color you nerdy! 😀 You know, I’ve actually found it to be a great stress outlet, especially when I’m writing & feel frustrated on the page, I go and do something else creative (like play around with images) & when I get back to writing, I’m usually a lot better focused. Thanks so much for visiting. Cheers, darlin.

  11. Sandy Coelho says:

    Hi Shelli,

    Fabulous links! I’m not much of a shutterbug [my daughter is Aaaamazing], but I’ve been learning photo manipulation through Youtube videos, your route seems much more straight forward and comprehensive, which is what I’ve been searching for.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your work! Have a great weekend.

    • Hello lovely lady!

      This is so awesome, we’ve been chatting all week! I was trying to learn through YouTube & found it frustrating, only because it was hard to learn the way I needed to, which is by building one skill onto another onto another. NAPP has been great about that. Start at the beginning and gradually get more advanced, so you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. Hope you have a great weekend, too. Cheers!

      • Sandy Coelho says:

        Hey! Yes, love it 🙂
        I understand, I’ve been using the videos I need at the time, but honestly, I’ve learned little. What your mentioning is how we administer an ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) program. Teach foundational skills, build on those, one block at a time – it’s a proven method – love it!
        Thanks hon, you too. 😀

        • Okay, that was awesome. Now I learned something else new: ABA. Never knew (although probably should have) that there was a term for how I like to learn. Cheers to you, doll!

  12. Martha says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been wanting to learn Photoshop for some time now myself 🙂

  13. MelAnn says:

    I learned Photoshop several years ago to design and digital scrapbook. I use those skills so much more often than algebra! I probably would make a better grade on it, too! It’s an intimidating program – I applaud anyone who makes the attempt, digs in, and reaps the rewards!

    • Hi MelAnn! *waves*

      That’s so funny you mention algebra because I probably couldn’t do a high-level math problem anymore (just don’t remember!) 😀 I’m really loving it now that I understand what I’m doing. Cheers, darlin.

  14. Gwynne Montgomery says:

    Learning Photoshop is something I’d love to do. I’m starting my life list, and I might just have to add that to it.

    • Hi Gwynne!

      I’m so glad to hear you’re writing a Life List. That’s awesome. Have fun doing it! (And really, if you learn it a little at a time, Photoshop really isn’t that daunting). 🙂

  15. I have a Life List in my head. But like anything it needs to be written down if it is going to be achieved. Thanks for the reminder. Having just given up work to concentrate on writing full time I have discovered that I have taken up all sorts of things on the basis that “now I have time” Ahem…. not at the rate I am filling up my days I don’t!

    • Hi Gillian!

      I’m truly amazed at what a difference writing it down has made. I’m so glad I did. Congrats on writing full time. Yes, I know how it is to start filling your days with other things because well, hey, “now I have time.” Cheers, darlin.

  16. Thanks for sharing those great resources, Shelli…
    My problem with Photoshop is that I don’t use it enough to remember the tricks– so it’s always back to learn the ropes.
    So, I switched to two programs that give me 75% of its utility- but I can use them with ease. I figured I gained plenty that way.

    • Hi Roy!

      That’s a good point. There’s no reason to spend all the time it takes to learn it if you’re not going to use it a lot. Glad you found something that works for you. Have a great day. 🙂

  17. Carlana says:

    Never heard of but I’m familiar. Good reminder for me to put my LifeList on paper and not leave it in my head!

    • Hi Carlana! *waves*

      It truly makes a huge difference (at least it did for me) to write my list down & put it where I could see it every day. Glad you’ll be writing yours. Cheers, darlin.

  18. Bucket list = Life list? I like the idea of a life list better than a bucket list. I guess I’ve resisted creating one since I don’t like the word, ‘bucket’. So now I am empowered to create my Life List! Thank you! And I, too, am a nerd and love learning–especially teaching myself online. I didn’t know about the sites that you mentioned, so thanks! I am going to check those out!!

    • Hi Melissa! *waves*

      I’ve never liked the term Bucket List either, plus that implies you’re waiting till you think you’re gonna die. And who really knows when that’s going to happen. Life List means I can do it now & actually enjoy some stuff I really want to do. I hope you enjoy the learning sites; they’ve really got quality teachings. Cheers, darlin.

  19. Jeri says:

    My “life list” has been all over the place lately, but I’m slowly getting it back under control. My former school gave teachers a copy of Photoshop, but I always found it so daunting, but recently I download the free trial of Photoshop Elements and I found that easier to get the hang of. Also on my life list is learning how to be a better video editor.

    • Hi Jeri! *waves*

      I’m glad things are getting back to normal for you. I’m having a blast with my Life List. Hope you are, too. Photoshop is daunting if you don’t have anyone to help you, at least that’s been my experience. Glad you found a program that works for you. Cheers, darlin.

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