5 More Reasons Why You’re Not Doing It For Them . . . You’re Doing It For You

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In case you missed it, the first five reasons are here.

6. You need to be healthy and whole.

You know what feels broken in you. You do. Maybe it’s a sense of disconnection? Or a feeling like you don’t belong? Or believing you’re not enough? Or emotional pain that feels like so many shiny straight pins right through your heart? If you get still and quiet and listen to your own self, to your own body, you’ll know what’s ailing you. And if you stay still and quiet and you listen, the answers will be right there and you’ll know how to fix it. If you ask for their advice, they will point you in a direction, yes, but that might be the direction that they, themselves, need to go, and not the direction that will heal you. Ultimately the choice to name the problem, to take steps to fix it, and to be whole is up to you.

7. You are more powerful than you know.

That might scare you. Being powerful might scare you a lot. And maybe it scares you so much that you shrink back and give up that power and let them be in charge. Maybe you follow them and hope they won’t lead you astray. But hope is not a plan, doll, and at some point if you keep following and don’t take charge of your own life, you’ll find yourself somewhere you never wanted to be. The power over your life doesn’t belong to them and they can’t ever — hear me, ever — take it away from you unless you give it to them.

8. Your own voice is the one that’ll save you.

There’s really only one voice in your head — your own. I know sometimes you invite other folks to hang out in your mind, telling you what you ought to be doing with your life, letting their voices guide your decisions. But the only thing that their voices will do, if you let them stay in your head, is drown out your own voice. And it’s your own voice that will get you to what you most want to have/be/do/say.

9. You need to have an unshakeable faith in yourself.

They might not believe in you, but that doesn’t matter. Absolutely does not matter at all. Only thing that matters is you believe that you’ve got what it takes, that you’re capable, that you can have/be/do/say anything you want because you’ve got the power to do so living right inside you. You’ve got everything you need inside you, darlin. Now you just got to believe it. Really believe it. And don’t let anybody, including your own self, sway that belief.

10. You can only save one life in this world . . . your own.

It isn’t anybody else’s job to fix your life. It isn’t anybody’s else’s job to live your life either. If you’re waiting around for them to come swooping in to fix it, you’ve got to stop that right now. They aren’t coming. You are up to the job of fixing what’s wrong, I don’t have a single doubt about that. So you go on now and you save yourself.

So who is your motivation?


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