From There’s No Way to There Must Be A Way

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You will always (always, always) live out what you believe. Your beliefs are what steer your life, so it follows that if you want to change your life, you need to change your beliefs. Well, beliefs are simply thoughts you’ve had over and over again. So to change what you believe (about yourself, about the world and your place in it, about what you’re capable of, and on the list goes), all you have to do is change what you repeatedly think about.

Most people tend to think the same repetitive thoughts out of habit. They don’t examine what pops into their head. They don’t ask the important questions: Is this true? Do I want this to be true for me? But if you want to change the beliefs that guide you, you need to start challenging the thoughts that you let echo through your mind. You may not choose what lands in your head at any given moment, but you do get to choose how long it stays there. You get to choose to reject any and all thoughts that don’t serve you. You get to choose to repeatedly think thoughts that help you instead of hinder you. Those choices are yours, I say kindly, because it is your mind, after all.

There’s No Way

So if you believe that there’s no way (to achieve what you want, to have financial success, to build/heal a relationship, and on the list goes), well that’s what will guide all your actions as you move through life. You’ll be looking for obstacles. You’ll be searching for reasons why not. You will even, I argue, take actions that reinforce those beliefs (getting in your own way and sabotaging yourself, for starters) to make sure those beliefs remain true for you. And in that way, you will get stuck and stay stuck until you change your mind.

There Must Be A Way

But if you choose to believe that there must be a way (to reach your goals, to get the money you want/need, to find love and companionship, etc.), well, that’s what will be steering you. You will be on the lookout for possibilities. You will accept the reasons why you can and should. You will take action to move yourself in the direction of your wants/wishes/hopes/dreams, even if those actions scare you. And in that way, you will step out in faith and grow into the person you want and are meant to be.

Change What You Believe

You’re going to be thinking something no matter what. So do yourself a kindness and think thoughts that build you up, strengthen you, and encourage you. Think thoughts that will help you get to where you most want to be and become who you most want to be.

Like I said, you get to choose what thoughts you allow to remain in your head to become beliefs. So if you don’t like what you believe, all you have to do is: 1. edit what you’re thinking and 2. reject thoughts that don’t serve you. It really is as simple as just changing your mind.

Some things I’ve learned:

  • Whatever you’re looking for, you will find: whether that’s looking for obstacles or looking for opportunities.
  • If you want to find a way, you must first believe there is a way.
  • Once you believe there is a way and you start taking action in the direction you want to go, that way will reveal itself to you.

So will you believe there must be a way?

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