One Hundred

my boys laughing & giggling | sun coming through the window | the smell of coffee brewing | my kids jumping into bed with us (making a kid sandwich) | thrift-store shopping & finding an awesome deal | a song on the radio just when I need to hear it | my kids having a deep conversation about the upcoming (no doubt about it) zombie apocalypse | a part-time job I love that helps pay the bills & gives me time to write | I get to write every day | a paragraph in a book right when I need to read it | birds singing outside my window | the sun shimmering off the lake water | the sun porch, a cup of coffee, all that quiet | my favorite reading/writing chair | flowers blooming in pots on the porch | my favorite necklace (from Chicago) | Chicago (the city!) | friends who always have my back | always getting what I need right when I need it | lazy Saturday mornings | all the bills are paid | playing with fonts | not being in a hurry | the view of trees outside my window | living in a beautiful house that I love | blue skies & sunshine | book number two is nearly written | all the free stuff that has come into my life, tiny little gifts | going grocery shopping with my oldest son | taking my youngest boy for ice cream | date night with my husband | my Jeep | the smell of fresh-cut grass | warm cookies fresh from the oven | tinkering with a new recipe | the first snowfall of the year | campfires on Saturday night | s’mores | warm apple pie | espresso on a cold morning | fresh fruit stands on the side of the road | an afternoon chatting with my friends over coffee | coffee shops and tables tucked into corners | tickling little toes | caught frogs and snakes as gifts from my boys | taking walks with my husband down by the lake | repurposing old stuff & making it into something new | watching a sunrise/sunset | snapping pictures | waking up to “hi, Mom” | running & feeling in my body | the smell and sounds of horses | a horse nickering when I come by | dew on my bare feet | fresh homemade whipped cream | finding my own voice | yoga X | my husband who wouldn’t & won’t let me give up | the feel of sand in my toes | a conch shell given to me as a surprise gift | grilling hotdogs | beach-combing as the sun rises over the ocean | riding a 4-wheeler | all the neighborhood kids playing together | gardenia-scented candles | orchids at the botanical garden | city lights at night | the lazy river at the waterpark | catching fireflies in an old jelly jar | writing stories | snowball fights | sunlight coming through the branches in the middle of the woods | walking barefoot in the grass | standing outside in the utter quiet, nothing moving but the snowflakes coming down | Nutella on graham crackers | the color brown | the sound of ocean waves | playing with a kitten | I get to be a writer | telling my youngest how good he is | singing with my oldest at bedtime | the sound of crickets | my favorite mug with my kids’ handprints on it | that still small voice always speaking to me | my youngest’s evil laugh (Muuuuuu-hahahahahahahahaha!) | morning hugs | getting everything I need when I need it | a caramel mocha latte with extra caramel (aka candy coffee) | stopping & taking a deep breath | the sun warm on my face | breathing in & breathing out | curled up on the couch in front of the fire | having a setting for all of my books | a daisy in bloom | the smell of the air after it rains | heat lightning dancing in the clouds | dawn over a field | dusk purpling & pinking up a sky | my oldest belly laughing | my youngest holding my hand

Two Hundred

my husband’s arm around my waist | cranking the radio up & singing along off-key | my boys scaring me & their crazy, wild, happy laughter afterward | telling bedtime stories | riding horses | birds fluttering around the feeder | sunflowers growing wild | hearing positive feedback from readers | an explosion of blooming things in the spring | the smell of woodsmoke in the air | learning something new from the comfort of my favorite chair | an intense discussion with my boys about zombie survival techniques | wind blowing through the trees & a shower of colorful leaves coming down | the way sunlight hits the grass & flowers in a field as it sinks below the horizon | having breakfast with all of my boys | the library | I get to write today | saying yes to blessings | stepping out in faith | photobombing | eating raw cookie dough | making a huge chocolate-chip cookie in a pizza pan (help from the boys) | rocking in a hammock in the shade | knowing who I am | sitting in the sun porch reading a book | my blog helping people | the community pool | a wide, wide blue sky | it’s not too late | I get to experience all this because I’m still breathing | Lay’s potato chips | holding a baby | laughing with a stranger | free movies at the theater | bullseye with my BB gun | a long, hot shower | a 4-year-old bringing me 2 homemade paper flowers | getting a deep-tissue massage | helping a stranger | my husband encouraging me | reading again & again The Journey, a poem by Mary Oliver | my kids dancing to disco music | laundry flapping on the line | the question: what was your favorite part of the day? & my youngest’s answer: spending time with you. | the wild, shining stars on a pitch-black night | air conditioning & a fan on a crazy hot day | digging in the dirt & planting flowers | putting money in the bank | a week unplugged from the Internet | a hotel room by myself | getting the answers I need when I need them | a vase full of fresh-cut roses | taking a picture every single day | salted caramel ice cream in a waffle cone | talking with my husband on a balcony overlooking downtown Charleston | artwork from butterflies | all my boys having fun | knowing I am right where I am supposed to be | reading a zombie survival guide | a little alcove & a tucked-away table where I can write | the sound of a water fountain | my husband taking care of the boys so I can write | having lots of time | staying up late & reading a magazine | taking the path of least internal resistance | a smily face drawn on a foggy bathroom mirror | my boys asleep, safe | knowing the universe’s timing is perfect | waking up happy | a light breeze, a deep breath of fresh air | a gorgeous bracelet | alone with the Angel Oak for ten minutes | orange-lavender scented soap | giving a stranger a compliment & lighting up her whole face | an empty hotel lounge at 4 a.m. & me alone writing | the hotel desk clerk making me a pot of coffee | a haunted ghost tour of downtown Charleston in the dark | eating a slice of the biggest pizza I have ever seen | releasing expectations & going with the flow & setting myself free | an evening alone with my husband | a $5 walking tour | time to write with no pressure | not having to worry | feeling strong, bold, & fearless | taking as many pictures as I want | learning to make my photographs into works of art | a bouquet of palmetto-frond roses | eating hazelnut gelato on a pier | seagulls flying overhead | rocking on a boat in the sun | the wind against my face & blowing back my hair | always enough money | cobblestone streets | family movie night | a 50%-off sale | an amazing pair of jeans for $1 | making a dried flower arrangement | being a healer & a wordsmith | every day I get to ask & answer what I’m going to do with my one wild & precious life | I can write whatever I want

Three Hundred

50-cent ice cream cones | electronic scrap-booking | everything done for the day, rest of the time is mine | free online learning | a morning shooting baskets & hitting the 3-pointers (ha, still got it!) | finding something I didn’t know I’d lost | remembering something about myself that I’d forgotten | playing video games with my youngest | a stranger giving me a compliment | my kids being kind to each other | going to lunch with my husband | a quiet house, everyone asleep & me having time to myself | my husband being an amazing dad | encouragement (from Morgan Freeman) right when I needed it most | a gift of free photographs | providence leading my life | a new video camera | sitting around doing nothing | my oldest coming up & giving me a hug for no reason | the way sunlight makes a rainbow when it comes through leaded glass | my oldest wrapped in a blanket | my youngest tucking himself against me | piles of books & journals surrounding me | slowing down & taking a breath | being shown the truth even if it hurts | I get to write today | hanging pictures on the wall & making my house feel like home | words spoken right to my heart | running into an old friend & catching up | wandering the aisles of a greenhouse with a giftcard in hand | flowering trees for less than $3 | a landscaper helping me pick out plants for free | there is always enough | watching things grow | going through old pictures & memories | I’m never alone | figuring out who I am & who I am not | inspiration finding me | being taken out to dinner | my boys with their kiss-protection robes on (makes me laugh & makes me sad, no kisses!) | a flea market & a hundred bucks | waking up before everyone else & getting a slow, easy start to my day | lazy rainy days | hearing from other bloggers (we’re all in this together) | baby steps to something beautiful | figuring out my purpose | the right words of comfort right when I need to hear them | my oldest yelling after me, “I love you, Mom” | all these free classes that have taught me how to do all kinds of stuff for myself | making beautiful photographs in Photoshop | talking for an hour on the phone with an old friend | my feet kicked up on the patio furniture | trusting the process | the ground swollen from the rain, everything lush & green | country music while I’m cooking | not needing anything | making fresh buttermilk biscuits for breakfast | fireworks on the Fourth of July | open hands | marrying the right guy | learning patience (one lesson after another) | learning to let go | my husband cleaning my car just because he loves me | a perfectly-made grilled cheese sandwich | my youngest & his “used-car-salesman” move that makes me laugh | walking outside when it’s drizzling rain | time, plenty of time | working slow, one day at a time | window shopping | I’m not where I want to be but thank God I’m not where I used to be | receiving favor wherever I go | listening to my intuition (it’s never steered me wrong, not once) | no deadlines, I can work at my own pace (& that’s a total gift) | not having to be in a hurry | my kids leaving me a voicemail on my cell phone, telling me they love & miss me | being a photographer | having known since I was a little kid what I’m supposed to be doing with my life | writing what I want to write (stress-free writing) | God giving me gifts | a quiet hotel room to work | writing in the wee hours of the morning | fresh, clean towels | relaxing, my feet propped up on a pillow | finally believing I am right where I am supposed to be | the smell of Aveda products | from faith to faith to faith to faith | I didn’t give up | butterflies on my wall | a new coffee maker to replace my broken one | an $8 pair of Nikes | a day off | new free images every day | becoming more of myself every day | a box full of frames for $5 | my Life List coming true with almost no effort from me | fresh Carolina peaches | a word of encouragement when I need it most | bowling with all my boys | another lovely relaxing day | belly laughing & giggling on the car ride home

Four Hundred

a song that speaks to me just when I need to hear it | my oldest’s face all lit up when he nearly bowled a strike | my youngest’s face all slathered with chocolate ice cream | wrestling a kiss & hug from my oldest | sitting on the deck chatting with my husband | an encouraging email from a friend right when I need to hear it | having hope | a lesson in humbly letting go | 5 yoga classes on sale, a gift delivered via email | saying yes, hands open wide | exercise time in the morning | slowing down | God guiding my life, always guiding my life | a lovely group of ladies, a pot of coffee, & a fabulous discussion | a vase filled with yellow daisies | it’s not too late, it’s never too late | providence leading me right here, leading me on in everything | no matter what, I am never alone | curled under a blanket with my youngest | dinosaurs! | one of my favorite authors on sale for $1.99 | being a blessing to someone else | 50-cent day at the thrift store | a voluntary hug from my oldest but “no kisses” | 70 pages from being done with my second novel | running two miles just because | all this rain, everything lush and green | I keep going | taking a deep breath, then another |the words coming right when I need them | trusting, just trusting | learning patience | refrigerator stocked with food & everybody is fed | my kids saying thanks without having to be told to | figuring out just who I am | finding my own voice | my boys getting along & laughing | God is always good | a parking spot in the first row on a crazy crowded day | free soda | a kind person fixing my mistake for free | an afternoon with my boys at the amusement park | an encouragement/business class right when I needed to hear it | getting everything I need right when I need it | blessings upon blessings upon blessings | a blog post written from the heart | I don’t have to live based on my feelings | a Crock-Pot dinner put together in less than 10 minutes | knowing how to fix a lot of stuff myself | on the path I’m supposed to be on | meditation this morning | gun training | laughing with friends | sleeping in | the wave pool | sitting in the shallow end, face tipped up to the sun | a dinner alone with my husband | sticky rice | kids playing & me getting my work done | knowing when I screwed up & fixing it | water in, flowers out | discovering a new musician | breathe in, breathe out, calm down | checking things off my One Wild Life list | 40 pages from being done | taking my boys to lunch | getting adjusted at the chiropractor | finding 2 books I wanted at the thrift store for .50 each | a hamster cage for $1 | hearing from an old friend | me finally listening | my beautiful ring finally fixed | all these blog posts written | a slow start to the morning | no particular place to be | perfect timing | being powerful | another encouraging message right when I needed to hear it | I am happy! | grocery shopping by myself | I keep going | one step at a time | an amazing huge cloud that looked like a horse rearing back | my Life List coming true | hugs but *sigh* “no kisses” | bribing my kids ~ kisses for electronics | taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon | lunch out with my husband | a second date on the same day ~ coffee & dessert | parents night out! | a chocolate eclair  | the nicest waiter ever | rock climbing | personal one-on-one instruction | my husband being a great dad | company party at the Y | the boys playing in the pool | winning a flashlight | a brand new DeLonghi expresso machine for $20 | gift after gift after gift after gift

Five Hundred

learning how to let go | doesn’t matter what anything looks like to other people, doesn’t have to be perfect, just has to be honest/real | a fantastic workout | being powerful | weeks of blog posts already written | not worrying | ideas for more blog posts | ideas & images for another story | it’s not a competition | not having to compare myself | I am right where I am supposed to be | all I have to do is change my mind | realizing my limitations (even if it hurts to do so) | stopping trying to be someone else, someone I am just not | freeing myself | helping a friend | getting my work done | realizing that a lot of this stuff just doesn’t matter | taking note of what does matter | I don’t have to be who & what anyone else wants me to be | finishing all my errands, the rest of the day is mine | paid in full | rocking in my favorite chair, sipping coffee, & editing | knowing God’s got an amazing plan for my life | eating cookies for a good cause | the skill set to do so much of this stuff myself | giant cool-looking mushrooms | holding hands with my husband | more rain = lazy day | it’s never too late to be who I am | realizing what isn’t my path | no matter what happens, I will be okay | my youngest with a crazy wide smile riding the 4-wheeler really fast | my oldest mowing the lawn & waving at me | everybody staying up late, huddled together, watching a movie | candy coffee | the quiet of the house early in the morning & me the only one awake | words of wisdom & encouragement right when I need to hear them | an amazing hot yoga class | a coffee shop, an empty table, & a morning to myself | a Crepe Myrtle in bloom | letting other people be who they are | letting myself be who I am | this amazing song, Where The River Bends | a big refreshing glass of ice water | letting my burdens be lifted from me | a free sandwich | a giant chocolate-chip cookie | the ability & the right to say no | feeling at peace | standing up for myself & not letting others treat me badly | all the images I need/want | moisturizer! | hearing from a dear old friend | a setting for all of my novels | getting better at cutting the boys’ hair | my day lining up just perfectly | orange and lavender scented soap | a loofa | time to myself to think | a new book by an author I love | the lovely & kind women who work at the library | not needing anything | just being happy as is | another day I get to be her | prayers answered | help given & taken | surrounded by beautiful things | taking things SLOW and getting where I want to be FASTER (amazing that) | my favorite perfume | feeling clean | a day with no particular place to be | my kids being silly | breakfast with all my boys | letting go | 10 new gifts every day | doubting no longer | the writing flowing | new book ideas | making breakfast with my oldest | talking to God; God talking back | cover ideas | sunlight shimmering off the lake water | always enough money | living in abundance | people in my life right when I need them | guidance for what’s on my heart to do | learning more and more about myself every day | all these gifts every single day | God always provides, always | I will be the gift/blessing | clarity of purpose | meditation music | everything is as it should be | I am okay | my way being made easier | daily planner keeping track of everything |letting go of control (scary as it may be) | letting it all just flow | the words are always there

Six Hundred

answers to my prayers | kindness from others | feeling grounded | everything I need when I need it | catching up with a lovely friend from Chicago | time to write with no pressure | time to myself to pursue things I am interested in | writing the stories I want to write | time to take good care of my family | time to spend with my boys | learning who I am & who I am not (& being okay with that) | growing even if it hurts | time to practice so I can get better | a screened-in porch & a ceiling fan | a cute 2-year-old | time to say goodbye to a friend | a blueberry muffin | sitting outside on a beautiful day | drinking coffee | laughing hysterically with my boys | singing (off-key) and not caring who hears | my youngest always making me laugh | a free movie | a Darius Rucker song on the radio | a lovely lady I know opening up and being vulnerable and trusting and touching other people’s lives | no pressure | no competition | no need to prove | meditation in the morning | a box turtle right in our backyard | a summer rainstorm | broken stuff still under warranty | realizing what’s wrong with my book & fixing it | a magazine article that pointed me in the right direction | the question: what is it that I want? | the answer: to stop having to prove myself | the question: what am I going to do with my one wild and precious life? | choosing to be powerful | listening just listening | the wave pool when it’s 90+ degrees outside | God’s power available to me | listening to my body cues | it’s MY life | what do I want to do with it? | revelation: this is about me, not other people | fabulous clients | letting my characters breathe | the boys and their friend playing and me getting work done | designer clothes for 50 cents | a canvas bookbag for free | shining my light bright | not stopping myself | letting go | not making myself small | the day off | more gifts & blessings I wasn’t expecting | tickling my boys | chasing my boys around the house | 20 pages to go | success = peace | perfect timing | knowing what I need to do and doing it | my husband asking how can he help me | a much-needed rest | a new yoga class with new poses | no to-do list today | Starbucks just to relax and NOT to work | money to fix the car | having fun with it | a low-cost probe | the talent to do so much of this stuff myself | a plan & a vision pulling me forward | date night with my husband | dinner out | answers I was seeking | Pandora music | R. Carlos Nakai | belonging | God giving me everything I need | moving on | figuring out what really matters | my gift back | a 4-hour chat with a friend | I don’t have to have all the answers | another writer who understands | starring in my own movie (& it’s not over yet) | celebrating my victories | there is always enough | fear not | time to myself | all the boys getting along | a plan for tomorrow | a few nights off | a pedicure | what God has for me is for me | surrender is a position of power | music by Deuter | I am right where I’m supposed to be | just doing the work | going through my old journals & getting ideas and encouragement

Seven Hundred

the sun porch: my fave room in the house | free images | wide & infinite blue sky | God always providing for me | 5 pages away | a cluster of pine trees full of cones | learning Camera Raw | feeling worthy | ordered steps | chocolate ice cream topped with a mound of whipped cream | another lovely relaxing day with my boys | brand new leather shoes for my husband $10 | brand new spiked heels for me $1 | 5 pairs of jeans for 50 cents each | the boys making me laugh | clarity of purpose | finishing my novel | curled up in bed with Netflix on | God’s perfect timing | the ability to write | the time to do it | intelligence and talent to do what I love | 4 brand-new backpacks for 1 penny each | school shopping & everything cheap & tax-free | lunch with my boys | amusement park with my boys | the boys chasing me around on bumper cars | a decision made & I get to rest | my husband watching the boys | great sweater 50 cents | CD player 50 cents | new dresser for my youngest $30 | being in the perfect place at the perfect time to overhear something I needed to hear | showing up at the perfect time | God giving me everything I need when I need it | asking the question: am I all-in? | asking the question: what’s worth doing even if I fail? | the people who love me most are all within arm’s reach | trust | a lovely group of supportive ladies | I am not alone | knowing my calling | choosing to be worthy | the kids old enough to entertain themselves | a fab hug from a lovely lady | getting everything I need at next to no cost | stepping out of my comfort zone & having faith | the money is always there | lunch with a friend | my flexible schedule | online learning | realizing who it’s between & who it is for | guidance right when I need it most | cheap school supplies | massage to relax | a lovely glass of ice water right when I needed it | a word of encouragement right when I need it | permission & need to take time to myself | finally figuring out how to focus my camera | a hug when I needed it most | finding my passion | it’s okay to grow slowly | realizing it’s all about commitment | a brand-new steam iron for $1 | the neighbors taking the kids | a Homeland marathon | all this time | a passage in a book when I most need to read it | grace = getting everything I need when I need it | hope | new business cards | my Life List coming true | 1-yard line baby | all this free/cheap stuff coming my way | eating dinner outside on the deck | breakfast in the alcove | gorgeous purple flowers | no particular place to be | I don’t have to scramble because I will get what I need | a nice breeze | the sound of the wind through the trees | the book Daring Greatly | an idea for artwork | discovering something about myself that I didn’t realize before | keeping my commitment to myself & how important it is to do that | DKNY skirt for $4 | everything is really good | our car breaking down right near a repair shop | the mechanic being able to find the part to fix it | time to read | time to go through this goal stuff | it’s not too late | the city lights at night (makes me come alive) | a beautiful hotel suite on the top floor | my husband taking the boys swimming so I can relax | a fab tucked-away patio & a cup of hot coffee | watching a thunderstorm roll in | a caramel peanut sundae | hugs & kisses & pinching cheeks from my boys | a lazy morning with a tube in a swimming pool

Eight Hundred

a day at Universal Studios | Men In Black Alien Attack | God is with me always | minions! | Harry Potter ~ the book come to life | cracking up laughing with my boys over ice cream | my youngest with a blue mouth/tongue/nose/chin | my oldest & his awesome laugh | buy 2 days & got 5 days free | caramel anything | figuring out who I am & who I am not | free movie rentals & family movie night | peanut M&Ms | morning hugs | hot-air balloons floating in the distance | remembering who I am truly | change my focus | change my life | sleeping in really late | a drug store right down the street when I need it | fabulous weather | a heated pool | my value is courage | practicing self-compassion | making a list of people who matter to me (& those are the only people whose opinion of me counts) | an amazing tree filled with purple flowers | Hogwart’s castle come to life | Hogsmeade (that made me miss Europe) | my boys winning me a purple minion | reaching | good enough is fricking amazing | done & move on | adding to my Life List | an empty table at Starbucks | a perfect blueberry muffin | my Life List coming true | gorgeous comfortable shoes for $2 | first day of school | a borrowed yoga mat when I forgot mine | the view of the lake from the bridge | more free stuff coming my way | read & reflect & write & teach | doing stuff for me | cantering on a horse | spending the morning outside in the sun | a gorgeous silk suit for $4 | decorating the house for next to no money | a soap dish for 50 cents | realizing just who it was I was trying to impress so I could stop trying | robo hamsters | dinner with my youngest | office supply shopping spree for less than $3 | Plants vs. Zombies 2 | an entire weekend just with my youngest | bowling a few strikes | writing down my goals | finding my way back | my oldest home safe from the beach | this amazing cloud with colors like it was painted in the sky | the way the sun hit the trunks of the pine trees ~ all golden like that | another long talk with another good friend | thrift-store faith | a bathing suit wrap for $2 | a sense of grandeur about life | not having to be in a hurry | I was & I am where I’m supposed to be | Garth Brook’s song The River | fixing what I thought was a major problem for less than $10 | getting free help writing a grant application | free help learning how to use a sound mixer | tuesday mornings with a fabulous group of ladies | hay bales across an impossibly green field | lunch with my husband | a lush blue sky | the library | getting into a specialist the very next day | people who believe in me | lunch for $1.30 | my youngest covered in chocolate | my oldest doing chores without being asked | my oldest coming out of bed to tell me he loved me | human being ~ not human doing | sweater weather | my husband who won’t let me quit | a Keurig machine | a free song (that I needed to hear) | getting through something I’ve put off for years | money is just a means to an end | I dared greatly | running | reset button & start over | potter’s clay | a day with no particular place to be | making a new friend | quality over quantity | it’s not only okay but necessary to do art that matters | art as a spiritual practice | don’t have to be bent over ~ I can stand up | catching up with a good friend | a pep talk when I needed to hear it

Nine Hundred

it’s all gonna be okay | salted caramel latte with extra caramel for free | the weekend to myself | it’s just resistance that’s all | a long horseback trail ride through the woods | a gorgeous day | a pair of Levi’s for $1 | the perfect lunch | God always guiding me | breakfast in the quiet this morning | a hot shower | candy coffee | I get to be a writer (lucky me!) | God is always good & I am always loved | a $25 gift card for free | water in & flowers out | a fantastic interview with Steven Pressfield that I much needed to hear | practicing & the time to do it | being a breath of fresh air | giving up dead things | pleasing versus trusting | cooking | making my own rules | I am not alone | toes in the sand | a beach chair | an umbrella | the ocean | a walk in the surf | a heart in the sand | a word right when I needed to hear it | French Onion Soup (best I ever had) | salted caramel brownie | meeting all kinds of new women | making a bunch of new friends | the perfect roommate | saying yes! | commitment & follow through | a cherry on top | going pro | being all-in | a free dessert | a long hot bath | a LONG walk on the beach | a dinner overlooking the ocean | a fabulous waiter | going on vacation and resting | talking to my boys on the phone | the words: I love you Mom | clowns that scare you | being a blessing to someone else | cranking up the radio & driving fast | not getting too lost | coming home again | holding hands with my  husband | an interview with Brené Brown that I much needed to hear | a chocolate éclair | off to the editor this week | choosing courage | entering the arena | letting go of the outcome | showing up | trusting | reading The War of Art | choosing differently | sweatpants | my favorite green waffle shirt | the ocean in the morning | the sun coming up over the pier | a bag of shells for $4 | sea glass | clothes just out of the dryer | the smell of sea air | the feel of sand | I know what my calling is | making an apple pie | the smell of cinnamon crumbcake browning in the oven | wrestling a kiss out of my oldest | a long hug | Browns winning three times in a row (wow!) | the leaves turning | breakfast with all my boys | I don’t have to be in the box seats | writing my stories on the wall of the arena, too | sleeping in my own bed | hibiscus bush full of blooms | the wind coming off the ocean | my Jeep | a free hotel room | I contribute | my questions all answered | an explanation I could understand | home in time | long, bulky sweaters | wool socks | ice cream sandwiches | free coffee | lemon cake | a life that fits me | Hugo Boss perfume

One Thousand

randomly opening a book to just the paragraph I needed to hear that day | a free calendar | a gorgeous photo of my boys | free notecards | a long walk with my husband | having coffee with a new friend | Starbucks keeps giving me free/discounted stuff | a super-cheap GPS for my car | Christmas shopping (yes, in October!) with saved credit-card points | getting my zombie costume ready for Halloween | another free dinner | a fabulous lipstick color | a friend giving me a compliment | still figuring out how to work this audio mixer but getting better each time | window shopping | saying no to some things | saying yes to other things | a fire crackling in the fire pit | roasting marshmallows | s’mores | the boys telling ghost stories | curled up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate | time to read | a fantastic novel by a new author | the weather cooling off | football season | sweet barbecued wings | greasy fries | rootbeer in a bottle | walking through the woods | sitting next to a stream | leaves in the water eddying behind a rock | the boys dancing in a shower of leaves | walking through an empty field | the boys playing swords with sticks | the boys photo-bombing my pictures (well the first few times) | a free photo book | sitting beside the lake & listening to the water lap against the shore | a mama & 2 baby deer near the road | wild turkeys in a hayfield | a fox in the front yard | annual friends-of-the-library book sale | The Walking Dead new season just a week away | a warm & fuzzy blanket | beat-up old suede super-comfy house slippers | pizza night | hanging out on the couch with my boys | a tucked-away spot on the stairs | listening to my boys playing together upstairs | making cookies | a new purse I always wanted | volunteering for the therapeutic riding program | a 2800-acre park full of trails & ponds | everything coming together | Joyce Meyer | friends who won’t give up on me & always have my back | cheap airfare (Chicago, here I come again!) | not taking everything so seriously | being lazy & watching mindless TV | a flexible schedule | a ponytail & my favorite sweatshirt | an alien cup | warm apple blossoms with whipped cream for dessert | chatting with a stranger | a puppy | taking a walk every day | online shopping, stuff delivered right to my door | beautiful holiday cards for free | a star-spattered sky | realizing what matters most | wood popping & sparks arcing up into the night sky | fresh peaches | chrysanthemums & pumpkins & corn stalks & candy corn & zombies (fall has arrived) | corn mazes | hayrides | carving a pumpkin to look like Yoda | looking through old pictures | petting zoos | happy babies | toddlers chasing bubbles | signing up for a class I really want to take | doing stuff because I want to not because I have to | learning new things | Q-bert | a quiet house | riding a 4-wheeler in the mud | painting | a fresh juicy orange | a roadside farmer’s market | Billy Bob’s Salsa | a free 16 x 20 portrait | Girl Scout cookies | mature trees | the smell of woodsmoke in the air | my youngest editing my picture with a top hat & a mustache | dancing crazy | scaring my boys | my oldest singing when he thinks no one is listening | another project done & off my to-do list | making my own deadlines & then meeting them