chicken noodle soup

The. Best. Chicken. Noodle. Soup. Ever. Period.

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  Ever had one of those days when you just want to curl up with some comfort food? Maybe your kid/spouse/boss/in-law/insert-someone-you-can’t-take-a-break-from is getting under your skin? Or a deadline is looming and you’re not even close to being done? Or maybe you’ve just about had it with everything and you need a little something warm to […]

Salted Caramel Latte Love Potion*

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  This is delicious, delicious, delicious! Turned out better than I imagined. You could probably get someone to love you just by giving them this.* Yes, it really is that good! Prep. time: 25 minutes. Cost: Less than $10. Serves: 6 big mugs. You’ll need: 2 cups sugar 1/2 cup water 1 1/2 cups heavy […]

Homestyle Mac & Cheese

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  Well, apparently today is National Cheese Day! Who knew? So in honor of that, here’s a recipe that turned out great (according to the toughest critics ~ my kids!) Creamy & delicious. Awesome comfort food. And easy, easy, easy. Inactive prep. time: 12 hours. Active prep. time: 20 minutes. Cost: Less than $10. Serves: […]

Hearty Bean & Ham Soup

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  So my husband loves bean & ham soup. He tells me this turned out delicious. Then he called me awesome. So this one’s a winner. Prep. time: about 20 minutes. Costs less than $10. Feeds 6 – 8. You’ll need: 1 1/2 cups small white beans, soaked overnight in cold water 2 tablespoons vegetable […]

Garden-Fresh Spaghetti Sauce

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So my lovely neighbors brought over a bunch of fresh vegetables from their garden & I was in the mood for pasta, so I came up with this. It takes about 20 minutes prep time, but that’s mostly cutting up the vegetables & browning the meat (if you add meat to it). Cost me next […]

Scrumptious Sunday Brunch

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So this one’s always a winner. And crazy easy. And delicious. Takes about 10 minutes prep. time. Serves 8 – 10. Costs less than $10. You’ll need: 3 slices bread, torn into small pieces 3 cups Cheddar cheese (2 cups then later 1 cup) 2 medium potatoes, peeled and diced 8 ounces ham steak, diced 3/4 cup […]

Oh So Yummy Banana Cake

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Have a bunch of too-ripe bananas that nobody will eat? Don’t want to throw them out? Well, here’s a recipe that was supposed to be banana bread but somewhere along the line I made a mistake & it ended up a yummy banana cake. My youngest son declares it a winner! Feeds 8 – 10. […]

Very Berry Coffee Cake (Or Muffins)

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So this idea came from Katheryn Lane, a fellow author & lovely lady that I met on Twitter (@KatherynLane ~ follow her, you’ll be happy you did). This recipe ties into & was inspired by a pivotal scene in my novel, Small as a Mustard Seed. The excerpt on which this recipe is based: I […]

Utterly Delicious Apple Cobbler

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Okay, so this one is a little more involved. Takes about 30 minutes prep. time (most of that is peeling & cutting up apples), but it’s so worth it. And as an added bonus, it will make your home smell yummy. Serves 8 – 10. Costs less than $10. You’ll need: 6 cups thinly-sliced apples 1/4 […]