My Favorite Writing Advice ~ Make A Writer’s Contract

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Favorite writing advice: “Make a Writer’s Contract.” (you can read the whole article here) Who said it: Aimee Bender, novelist & creative writing professor Why: A Writer’s Contract basically outlines what you will do with your writing on a daily/weekly basis (like write so many hours a day, just weekdays/weekends, fiction only, in the mornings/afternoons/evenings, […]

Best Of The Blog

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  Well, I’ve been blogging for about 18 months now. I’ve had a blast, motivated & inspired myself (and hopefully others!), and met lots of new people (200,000 visitors and counting!). So here are some favorite posts based on you the reader (most views, most feedback, or most shared) or based on me (I just […]

My Favorite Writing Advice ~ Write 15 Minutes Every Day

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Favorite writing advice: “Write without editing in your journal for 15 minutes every day. It will change your life.” Who said it: Katherine Black, poet & creative writing professor Why: Writing steam of consciousness ~ whatever comes to mind, zero editing or judgment ~ lets you open up your mind. It lessens fear of the blank […]

My Favorite Writing Advice ~ Slow Down & See It

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Favorite writing advice: “Slow down & SEE it.” Who said it: Ann Hemenway, fiction writing professor (& University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop grad so she knows her stuff) Why: Sometimes going fast is the best thing to do the first time through so you can get it all down on the page. Moving fast, writing […]

My Favorite Writing Advice: Feeling In Over Your Head

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Favorite writing advice: “A writer should always feel like he’s in over his head. That’s part of what makes good writing compelling.” Who said it: Michael Cunningham, Pulitzer Prize winner for The Hours Why: Show of hands: How many people when confronted with a task that feels like it’s too much for them end up […]