Approval Is An Inside Job

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  “You are enough. You don’t have to prove yourself to anybody.” ~Maya Angelou The lies we believe Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones & never had anyone say or do anything negative to you ever. If that’s true, I’m soooo happy for you because you have a leg up on all the rest […]

How To Listen To Your Still Small Voice

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  Sometimes I look at past decisions I’ve made and I just want to shake my younger self and shout, “Listen! Listen! For Pete’s sake, Listen!” because what I used to do all the time (& still catch myself doing on occasion) is charge ahead (think bull in a china shop) when I should have […]

The Best Advice I Ever Got

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  In his amazing book, The Big Leap (read it, you won’t be disappointed), Gay Hendricks writes that each of us is 100% of a person so each of us is 100% responsible for our own lives. The best advice I ever got Well, sometimes we all just need a kick in the pants. So I’m […]

10 Things To Do Instead Of Worrying

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So last week’s post was about why you need to stop worrying. You know, we all need a day off. That includes a day off from worrying. Here’s a list (inspired by another lovely blogger, Amy Young Miller) of some things you could choose to do instead.   Practical: 1. Make a list. Write down […]

Why You Need To Quit Worrying

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  “WORRY: a. to assail with rough or aggressive attack or treatment: torment; b. to subject to persistent or nagging attention or effort; c. to afflict with mental distress or agitation: make anxious, strangle, choke; d. to move, proceed, or progress by unceasing or difficult effort: struggle.” ~Merriam-Webster Dictionary Well, I’m a big believer in […]

One Wild Life ~ Vacation With No Internet

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So I spent a week in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Just me & the beach & a coffee pot. What more do you need, right? 😀 Anyway, I stayed off the Internet the entire time (& didn’t have withdrawals or anything ~ lol). Here’s what I did: Played with my digital camera (had a blast!) […]

One Wild Life ~ Choose Faith, Not Fear

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  Choose Fear is thinking what I’m doing doesn’t matter, faith is me believing it matters and doing it. Fear is believing no one cares, faith is believing that at least one person does. Fear is believing that I don’t make a difference, faith is believing that at least one person is getting something from […]

10 Things I’m *Sigh* Still Learning

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So this one goes along with a post I did on things I wish I’d known when I was 20. Sadly, I still tend to learn things the hard way. So, if I could talk some sense to my current self (maybe this time I’ll listen!), here are some things I’d say: 1. This too […]

Finding Balance: Don’t Miss Out On Your Own Life

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“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” ~ Ferris Bueller from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Well, I’ve been to a few business/empowerment seminars and they all say the same thing: in the short term, when you’re just starting a business or […]