Why You Need To Quit Worrying

Quit Worrying


Well, I’m a big believer in people (myself included) doing things because it serves them in some way. Good things, sure, & it’s easy to figure out why those things are in your life. Bad things too, though. And sometimes that’s a little harder to pinpoint as to why you’re doing it. Worry is one of those bad things.

Here’s an exercise to help you quit worrying:

  1. Think about a single thing you might be worrying about.
  2. Now ask yourself: How does worrying about that serve me?

Maybe the answer is you worry because:

  • it scares you to let go.
  • it distracts from the now and maybe there’s something you feel you need distracting from.
  • you think you can control the outcome by constantly mulling it over in your mind.
  • you somehow think you’re helping someone/something by worrying about them/it (hint: you are not).
  • it’s become a habit and is now part of your comfort zone.

But here’s the truth:


  • changes nothing. Whatever’s gonna happen is still going to happen.
  • takes up time and energy you could be using for something else.
  • disrupts your body (ever lost sleep worrying? or ate too much/stopped eating from worrying? or worried yourself until you ended up nauseated? Google stress hormones & bad side effects because worrying jacks up the stress, too).
  • annoys your friends (who, of course, love you but still have to listen to you go on & on about a figment of your imagination).
  • and probably the worst thing worry does ~ steals your joy and your peace because you’re not in the present moment; you’re off somewhere in the future imagining bad things that haven’t come to pass (but might simply because you’re fixating on them so much).

You can’t get that time back so quit worrying

Look, all the time you are spending crazed with worry is all the time you can never get back, never use for something productive, never use to hang out with your family/friends in a happy way, never use to relax. Don’t waste anymore of your life because not one single moment of worry (no, not even one) will ever change anything in your life for the good.

The world’s a rough enough place

Look, there are enough people in the world willing to attack and beat you up mentally. Why do it to yourself? The next time you find yourself worrying, instead tell yourself: I’m going to deal with whatever comes up WHEN AND ONLY WHEN it comes up. Then (& yes, this may be the hard part) let it go. That way you can take your life & your peace back.

So what are you worried about? And how does it serve you to keep worrying about it?

5 thoughts on “Why You Need To Quit Worrying”

  1. Love your take on addressing this serious problem. I hope people pause and seriously consider the merits of the points you share. Worry gives nothing and takes much.
    Thanks for another positive message, Shelli! 😀

    1. Hi Rich! *waves*

      Thanks for the fab compliment. Made me smile, as always. 🙂 It really is absolutely true that worry gives nothing & takes much. Have a great week, my friend. Glad to see you’re feeling better. Cheers!

  2. Hello, stranger! *fist bump*
    How have you been? You’re sounding particularly positive these days. That’s great. You totally have me sold on this deal. I’m so over worrying! I “fight” with my mother over this kind of thing all the time. It’s such wasted energy, isn’t it?
    I apologize for being away so long. I’ve been super busy and working toward spending less time on this laptop and more time with family. Having said that, I’m on a month long book tour now. *slaps head*
    I know, I know. However, getting set up for that is what I did last month. Now I’m way ahead and can grab lots of couch time with my wife. We just got back recently from an anniversary weekend in San Diego. See, I’m being good! 🙂 Heck, as hot as it is here in the west we should have stayed in San Diego!!
    Take care and stay positive, my friend. *waves*


    1. Hi Jimmy! *fist bump* back

      I have been fantastic, thanks. It’s the Life List. Truly. I’m having a blast doing all this stuff I’ve always wanted to do. It’s like writing it down finally gave me permission to do it. Odd, but true. Thanks for the fab compliment. Made me smile. 🙂 Worrying really is wasted energy, so is fighting with mothers about it. 😀

      I’m so glad to see you, as always you know, & I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well & getting some couch time. CONGRATS on the book! *slaps head* made me laugh. Yeah, I always do stuff like that (I’m gonna simplify so let’s sign up for The Ultimate Blog Challenge ~ ha!) Congrats on your anniversary, too.

      Well, hugs for you & sending all kinds of good thoughts your way. Have a great week. Cheers, my friend!

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