Why You Should Listen To Your Body Truth

Listen To Your Body Truth

“Your mind lies. Your body doesn’t. Listen to your body truth.” ~several yoga instructors over the years

A while back I made a choice that changed my life and not in a good way because I didn’t listen to my body truth. My head talked me into it.

That conversation went something like this:

  • Me: This is a bad idea.
  • My head: No, it’ll work. Here’s why! (Then came a short list.)
  • Me: I don’t think so.
  • My head: Trust me, it will. It’s a good idea. Trust me. You’ll see.

Yes, I know that sounds somewhat schizophrenic, but I often have arguments with myself when trying to make a decision. I make lists of pros and cons. I waffle back and forth. I try to justify.

But here’s what my body was doing every time I even thought about that situation:

  • I stiffened up.
  • My stomach tightened, so did my jaw.
  • My heart rate jumped.
  • I felt a bit nauseated.

Of course, I ignored all that and plowed ahead. I said yes. Once I agreed, I felt what I can only describe as my heart dropping right down into my belly. But still, I moved forward (thinking, wrongly, that I couldn’t change my mind) and proceeded to watch that decision turn my life upside down.

The whole point: listen to your body truth

My body was trying to tell me it wasn’t a good choice, that I really didn’t want to do it. My body knew the truth. I could’ve saved myself a lot of time and heartache if I would’ve listened. So take some advice from me: when your body talks, listen. Listen. Listen!

Do you listen to your body truth? Please feel free to share your thoughts & experiences in the comment box below.

12 thoughts on “Why You Should Listen To Your Body Truth”

  1. Once again Shelli, thanks for keeping us honest with ourselves. The examples of bodily reactions you describe should wave a big red flag for all of us.
    Much like a guilty conscience, we know before we act that we are wrong.
    “All that glitters, isn’t gold.” a line from an old song that carries a related truth.

  2. SL_Coelho (@SL_Coelho)

    Honest, open advice. We SHOULD listen to our bodies – sometimes, a few of us [who may be stubborn – this is not a confession lol] also need someone – say a physician – to kick us in the pants before we listen and slow down.
    Taking on too much doesn’t realize potential; it drains creativity, it drains your life source. Thanks for the reminder! 😀

    1. Hi Sandy! *waves wildly*

      Ha, ha, yes just a FEW of us who are stubborn [this is not an admission of guilt & should not be construed as such] really do need a kick in the pants. 😀 It’s very true that taking on too much just saps creativity.


  3. Hi, Shelli. Very good post. Thanks. I know this is true. Earlier this year we bought a treadmill. Having ran previously, I thought I could jump on that sucker and go. When my left knee started complaining that second day, I ignored it and kept going. *sigh* I’ve been rehabbing that knee ever since.
    I’m okay, and running again. However, that knee still has an issue that has yet to completely heal.
    Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson.


    1. Hi Jimmy!

      Thanks for the fab compliment. I’m glad to hear you’re okay & running again. Sending good thoughts for your knee. I did the same kind of thing to myself, blew out both my knees at different times because I wouldn’t listen. Now, I don’t push it & am much happier. 🙂

      Cheers, my friend.

  4. Yes, here are some common (dysfunctional) things I tell myself when I feel like that:

    1) I’m just scared. Once I make the decision, these feelings will pass. Suck it up.
    2) It’s too late now. If I back out, _____ and _____ will REALLY be mad at me.
    3) This makes more financial sense (or logistical sense) than any of the other alternatives. (Corollaries: There are no other alternatives and/or I can’t wait for any more to show up.)
    4) ____ sounds better to me but it won’t work because __________.
    5) Oh, it’ll be fine. Really.

    1. Hi Kathy! *waves*

      Yes, I’ve said all those things at one point. I’m really bad about number 5: Oh, it’ll be fine. Really. Ha, you’d think I’d know by now to stop saying that & run screaming the other way ~ lol.

      Cheers, darlin.

  5. Loved this post, Shelli! I’ve run into this a few times myself. It’s amazing how in tune our bodies are with what we’re dealing or coping with outwardly in life.

    About a month ago, I figured I would speed up the process of finishing my book (after my mind told me, I had spent entirely too much time on it already). So what did I do, I went along with what my head was telling me, instead of listening to the silent shouts of panic that my heart were saying. I signed up for a writing contest that wouldn’t lend me anytime to invest for much error, as far as the book was concerned.

    My body agreed with me and my heart – my head was way off. 😀 So much so that over the next couple of weeks afterwards everything that could go wrong, did. I would have a series of toothaches, which lead to me having to have a minor surgery. This all happened over a three week period that cancelled me out because of the contest’s end date.

    It was an experience that taught me a deeper lesson than just listening to my body, but nonetheless, the lesson was learned for me to pay attention to my body’s truths. The deeper lesson being… everything that’s meant to happen WILL happen in its own timing, not necessarily my timing. 🙂

    1. Hi Deone! *again* 🙂

      Well, we’ve been talking about lessons, you and I. Yes, listening to my body is still a work in progress. The other one I find challenging is that everything that’s supposed to happen will happen in its own time. That’s the problem, right there. I don’t have the patience for its own time ~ lol.

      I’m sorry that you missed your deadline, but I’ve come to find the same thing when I’m writing. If I let my head lead & rush it, my stories are never as good. So, I hope your story is much better because you’re letting your body/heart lead.

      Cheers, my friend.

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